Baseball Batter's Pine Tar Rag and Rosin Bag | Pitcher's Toe Protector | Ball Caddy

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Pine Tar Bag, Rosin Bag, Pitcher's Toe Protector and Ball Caddy

pine tar rag

Pine Tar Rag

PTC - 10" square Pine Tar cloth is saturated for tack grip. Blister packaged. Sold per each. $7.00/ea.

rosin bag

Rosin Bag

RBC- Pitcher's Rosin Bag in blister package. Sold per each. $5.50/ea.

pitcher's toe guard - baseball

Black no longer available

Pitcher's Toe Guards.

Tough rubber toe guards for right or left shoe. Available in black or white, one size fits all types shoes. Adhesive & instructions in retail package. Sold each.

TGRW - Toe guard for right shoe in white. $33.00

TGLW - Toe guard for left shoe in white. $30.00

Pine tar bag and rosin bag for baseball and gymnastics. Pitcher's Toe Protector saves your shoe from wearing a hole in the toe from dragging it on every pitch. Does pine tar really come from pine trees? You bet it does. Our pine tar is perfectly formulated for making bat handles non-slip. get Get your pine tar here from us. Our rosin bag is the item you can't be without on the pitcher's mound. Rosin bags make a great stocking stuffer for the young pitcher in your family. Rosin bags come blister carded and you can resell them if you like. Our pitcher's toe guards are a unique item. Designed by an ex-pitcher who go tired of buying a new pair of spikes every time he wore a hole in the toe of his left one, these pitcher's toe guards are made of tough but flexible plastic and swill save your shoes from that "holey toe" look. the pitcher's ball caddy will make short work of pitching practice when there's no catcher to throw the ball back. Just load up the pitcher's ball caddy with baseballs and go to town.