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Welcome to We are your online source for Athletic equipment and sports accessories for the player, the coach and the manager.

Whether you play, coach, or train, these are the products you're looking for. At prices you simply can't beat anywhere. We have coach's player's and manger's equipment for football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, track & field, soccer, wrestling, and weightlifting. We cover them all in depth. We also sell field equipment that is hard to find elsewhere at unbeatable prices.

We offer a 3% discount off our prices when the total order is over $500. Visa and MasterCard are accepted online as well as net-30 invoicing to accounts with established credit.

We hope you find what you are looking for in our catalog-on-the-web. If you have any questions you may email us at or call us at 630-260-2525 (M-F, 8-5 Central)

Most orders received before 11:00Am are shipped the next day. Most orders that are received before 4:00PM are shipped the following day. Our shipping charges are low, so don't be afraid to order just one item.

Equipment Bag is a division of Wyckoff Advertising, Inc., and Illinois Corporation. All sales within Illinois will be charged Illinois Sales Tax. is an online dealer of athletic equipment for the player, the coach, and the manager of athletic teams. We carry football equipment for football field maintenance. We sell football equipment for the player such as football pads and football uniform belts. Our football blocking shields are made to order and come in several colors. We have football blocking sled pads and football training equipment. Our own football field liner paint is used by hundreds of colleges. offers our own safety buckles for football helmets which are in very high demand. We sell football equipment bags and player's personal bags as well as laundry bags, laundry tags and laundry belts. Football cleats are a specialty at our site; you will find every conceivable type including our new artificial turf football cleat. Buy your duffel bags from us, we have three kinds to choose. Elastic eyeglass straps are a popular item among our customers. Leader eye protection glasses are great for lots of sports. Football helmet eyeshields are available here to protect your face. Have a broken or bruised nose? Our athletic nose protectors are a perennial bestseller. Keep the quarterback's hands warm between plays with our football hand warmer. We specialize in football helmet hardware for all types of football helmets including Schutt's, Rawlings, Armourguard and Proguard. We carry football hip pads | shoulder pad cushions | football thigh pads | football knee pads || hand pads | arm pads and elbow pads. football play holders that fit on the wrist and arm are a great way to keep all the plays straight and we carry 3 types. Our new football player's injury vest is a protection vest (protective vest) that will minimize injuries to younger players. Generic foam athletic shoe insoles are a must for the football trainer. We carry the largest selection of athletic shoelaces on the web. We have laces that are 100% cotton. We have laces in 14 colors. We have laces up to 120 inches long and we have shoulder pad laces and hockey laces and snowboard laces. Ball drying compound is sold in convenient packaging so you don't have to store a hundred pounds. We have a full selection of ball pumps for ball inflation and needles for every type of athletic inflatable ball. Our football blocking dummies are the best blocking dummies available and come in several colors and are custom made. Dry field liners use chalk and we carry a full line of them for every size athletic field. Coaches need scorebooks and we carry the best brands as well as some of our own. We have football basketball soccer lacrosse Scoremaster scorebooks | volleyball scorebooks and others. Magnetic baseball and basketball and soccer lineup boards make the coach's job easier.

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Athletic field marking cones are available in many sizes and not just in fluorescent orange, but in many colors, too. sells trainer's tape and elastic bandages (like Ace bandages). Our field repair kits for football and our universal first aid kits should be replaced whenever supplies get used up. One of our specialties is football practice jerseys available in colors. We also sell athletic pinnies in many colors. Football linesman's vests and umpire's vests are in our inventory. Jump ropes of several varieties make up a fine selection of football training equipment jump ropes. Our offensive line marker is perfect for teaching younger players how to properly line up. We have a battery-operated megaphone for coaching use. Practice kicking nets come in two varieties. The power sled trainer is great for building muscle in your legs. Referee pinnies separate the players from the officials in a football game. Football training wouldn't be complete without agility training ladders and running ropes. Football shoulder pad hardware is another category that we handle in depth. sells football shoulder pad racks and ball racks. Our Table Scorer is great for teams on a budget or for pick-up games. Locker room towels are now available at a price so low that you can buy new ones to wash your car. Get our locker room towels in two sizes. What coach worth his salt would be without his whistle and lanyard? We carry dozens of types of coach's whistles and even a wrist lanyard. On the sidelines? Our sideline cape will at least keep you dry while the first-stringers are getting to play in the rain. Football scrimmage caps go over the helmet to allow inter-squad scrimmages. Football down boxes and chain sets are here in four grads from high school down boxes and chain sets to pro-level down boxes and chain sets. Custom made football and soccer goal post pads will keep your players from braining themselves, even if their helmets are knocked off. Football and soccer field pylons and sideline markers are available in a couple of sizes. Make those yardage markers stand out either with our portable yardage markers or with our field paint and football field yardage stencils. Football chinstraps, including the famous Shock Doctor football chinstrap are sold by We also carry a line of mouthguards and jaw pads, including the Shock Doctor mouthguard and all come with dental insurance guarantees. Referee's throw-down flags are hard to find but we have them in two styles. How about referee's pinnies? Got 'em.

Basketball equipment is a big category for us. carries the famous Dribble Aid basketball dribble training glasses that teach young players to keep their eye on the court, not on the ball they are dribbling. Basketball elbow pads will make you a more aggressive player. Knee pds will also help. Protect those family jewels with an athletic supporter (jockstrap or jock strap) and a sturdy cup. We have hard-to-find basketball court marking tape and the applicator that goes with it and makes doing circles easy. Use our court marking tape for volleyball, too. Also called floor tape, our athletic floor tape comes in 7 colors. Hot packs and cold packs take the sting out of lots of little boo boos. Every basketball court needs two basketball nets. we carry 9 kinds of basketball nets made from cotton, poly and even chain. Our team drinker and water bottles will save a lot of money. The team drinker allows the entire team to drink regular water. Basketball racks and carts are here. Flat-Proof ball sealant will bring new life to punctured athletic inflatable balls. Our refillable airhorn (air horn) will work game after game. Basketball shoe cleaning system keeps traction on your basketball player's shoes.

Baseball equipment is our second-largest category of proudest. We have baseball bat weights. Tee ball teams need tee ball tees and we have 5 different ones. Accessories for batting helmets include straps and faceguards. Baseball umpire equipment is hard to get, but we have it - including outside chest protectors. Eyeblack makes you look tough and keeps the glare out of your eyes, too. Speaking of glare, try a pair of our retro-looking flip-up sunglasses. Baseball cleats come in several types for baseball and softball alike. Make that new glove into an old favorite in no time with our glove lube and leather softener. Relace that old baseball mitt with our baseball glove relacing kit. Baseball catchers are not forgotten at We have catcher's knee savers and throat guards. Need an umpire's ballbag (ball bag)? We have them. Don't lose your grip on the bat with our pine tar rag and keep your pitching hand dry with our rosin bag. Pitcher's toe guard keeps the pitcher form wearing a hole in the dragged foot shoe. Baseball practice equipment includes a pitcher's ball caddy and several types of baseball and softball practice balls including soft foam practice balls | whiffle-type perforated balls and pitching machine balls for baseball and softball. Pitcher's protection screens and fungo protection screens add to the safety of the practice session.

Lacrosse is growing in popularity and we are not far behind. We now have Lacrosse scorebooks for both men's and women's lacrosse (the rules are different, you know).

Soccer equipment for the coach the player and the manager of soccer teams. We have soccer cleats and soccer shinguards (shin guards) for every size player from the smallest to the college player. Soccer cones and soccer field markers are available from us. A soccer kicking net allows practice kicking in the backyard. Soccer goal pads add to safety. Soccer corner flags. sells hurdles for track and field. Our hurdles can be imprinted with your school name. We will also just sell you one or two hurdles for practicing at home - you don't have to buy 24 at a time. We have track and field starting blocks as well as high jump and pole vault standards. We carry indoor shot puts and outdoor shot puts as well as a shot put circle. We have discus and discus circle. Our discus comes in three weights.

We also sell swimming goggles | weightlifter's belts | volleyball knee pads (kneepads).

Baseball field equipment includes items like our economical baseball field tarps that come in sets or are sold separately. We sell the famous baseball training mitt that teaches young players to catch grounders with both hands, the way you are supposed to. We have the internet's largest selection of high school, college and pee wee player's baseball bases for indoor and outdoor play. We have base sets for every budget and we even carry safety first bases. Keep the dugout neat with our helmet and bat racks. Bat bags are also useful for organization and safety. Baseball uniform belts come in all the popular team colors. Look sharp out there! To keep the baseball field looking and playing its best, use our dirt tamp and field rake. Don't forget we have field drags in two sizes.